Coming in Spring 2012

Prometheus stole fire from the gods with a fennel stalk.
We are starting "Meal Times: Ancient Foods for Modern Cooks" ( because we love cooking, history, and archaeology.

Come back in spring 2012 to read about the food eaten by ancient and prehistoric people; domestication of crops and animals; sauces from around the world; food customs; ancient manners; banquets; history of food-preparation techniques; how archaeologists study diet; growing herbs; etymology of food words; folk tales about food; and much more. We also will feature guest posts by experts in food and cooking.

Our focus will be on food and customs of prehistory, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, medieval Europe and the Middle East, and pre-invasion Americas. However, don't be surprised to find posts on any part of the world or any time period. If it involves history and food, we're interested.


Meal Times

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